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Chemtan, headquartered in Exeter, New Hampshire, USA, is an international leader in developing, producing and marketing chemicals for the leather tanning industry. We specialize in American Style Specification Leather.

Donald T. Pine, President
September 2016

The ACLE Shanghai Fair was recently held from August 31st through September 2nd, 2016. 

First day registration appeared chaotic. Without scanning capabilities of the QR (quick response) code now and in the future you are pretty much left standing in the lobby unless you pre-registered through email.

International Leather fair business has generally been on the decline for years in terms of a good mix of buyers and sellers, and this years’ Shanghai Fair was no exception…fewer main stream tanners and more suppliers. A needful purpose though, is still served by providing a meeting place for known associates, and for industry meetings such as LWG (Leather working Group), and educational seminars hosted by leading International Leather Magazines.

This year there has been a slight worldwide decline of leather production. Worldwide crude oil prices are somewhat stable, and will probably remain so for the immediate future, depending on the ever changing geo political landscape. Especially the angst created from the pending November 2016 USA election outcome pitting two very polarizing candidates.  A Trump win could result in a boost to the economy both in jobs and improved infrastructure but not necessarily more stability on the world stage. On the other hand, the continued march towards redistribution of wealth with a Clinton Whitehouse means higher taxes, and bigger government. Instead of a push for policy changes which support more job creation and GDP growth.

Hide prices are modestly high relative to supply and demand. My expectation is a break out in the market, driven by declining inventories, and anticipated growth for Specialty and Classic leathers, plus the relentless increase of auto motive leather in emerging markets. The market pendulum will swing once again in favor of natural substrates, away from synthetic replacements which have improved both in appearance and form through the past business cycles.  Ultimately style, durability, comfort, and overall aesthetics eventually will regain consumer favor of leather products in deference to petroleum based products with much higher carbon footprints too often disregarded.

Chemtan, will continue to focus on what we know best and what we can control.  Continuously searching and developing new products which are environmentally friendly, while maintaining operations which are compliant with all local, state and Federal regulations. We will be renewing our ISO 9001 certification this year, and acquiring ISO 14001 manufacturing certification by the end of 1st quarter 2017. 

Secondly, and most important we will continue to encourage and invest in our people by supporting them in their goals in higher education degree programs, strategically expanding our workforce to insure  a sustainable, growing operation for the future, and by acquiring new equipment and facility upgrades.

General George Patten: “A soldier in shoes is only a soldier, but in boots he becomes a warrior”

Donald T. Pine

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New Products

No one says that finishing waterproof leather is easy but what if you had a finish oil that didn't compromise waterproofing physicals?

Chemol® 588 is a versatile finish oil. It provides a permanent rich feel and a moderate degree of darkening that does not fade over time.

What makes Chemol® 588 truly unique is that it is excellent for use on waterproof crusts and will maintain all waterproofing properties. No more sacrificing water absorptions just to get feel.

Chemol® 588 can be applied using either a hot or a cold rollcoater depending on your desired application amounts or needs.

Sometimes smaller is better. This is certainly the case when it comes to developing a leather retanning polymer needed to selectively fill the flanks and empty areas of your skins.

Chemtan® R-108 is a versatile retanning polymer which can be used to produce a wide range of leathers, from soft glove and nappa leather to firm shoe upper.

Chemtan® R-108 is has a low pH and anionic charge. It is chrome stable and is normally added before the rechrome.

Chemtan® R-108 improves the break without compromising lightfastness. Leathers retanned with Chemtan® R-108 are also more receptive to impregnation.

Let's make white leather together.

Chemtan® M-5 is a novel approach to making chrome free leathers. It is non-yellowing, making it supremely suited for white athletic and automotive leathers. But it also imparts numerous reactive sites needed to make bright and dark shades.

Chemtan® M-5 is a newly engineered chrome free tanning agent designed to replace aldehyde and aluminum tans.

Leathers tanned using the Chemtan® M-5 have significantly improved shrink temperatures compared to alternative chrome free options. Typically achieving 75°C.

Don't let iron stains cut into your profits. Protect your leather with a high efficient chelate - Chemtan® R-20.

The chelate equivalence of the Chemtan® R-20 is 65% more effective to iron than EDTA.

Chemtan® R-20 offers ideal protection for your automotive and other high veg leathers.


Chemtan proudly supports the 2016 RiverWoods Gala Auction titled “Harvest the Hope”. This is a charity fundraiser event to support the services of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, which include providing food and emergency financial support to families in the Seacoast region. READ MORE

UPDATE ON EXETER YMCA: Chemtan became a member of the Founder’s Circle of the Community Investors League through its donation to The Exeter Area YMCA which newly opened for public access in September 2015. READ MORE


In loving memory of David Ouellette, Karen Ouellette awards the 2016 academic scholarship established by Chemtan, to a graduating student with future studies in the field of Chemical Engineering to Mr. Justin Carbone. READ MORE

The 2015 award for the Chemtan-David Ouellette Memorial scholarship went to Hayden Casassa, who will be attending James Madison University this Fall, majoring in Biotechnology. READ MORE

MANCHESTER, N.H. - The Granite State Quality Council announced today that Chemtan Company, Inc. headquartered in Exeter, N.H. has earned recognition in the 2014 GSQC Awards and Recognition Program. READ MORE

Exeter, NH - Don Pine of Chemtan Company Inc. announced today that Chemtan Company, Inc. became members of the Founder's Circle of the Community Investors League, with their donation to The Exeter Area YMCA. READ MORE

Our Product Line Includes:

Antique Football Shoes

Chemtan M-88 is a an inorganic retanning agent used before neutralization alone or together with chrome. Produces leather with better fullness and grain tightness, and is particularly useful in filling the pockets.

Chemtan A-58  A cyclic amine compound which acts as an aldehyde donor. Used in combination with chrome tannages, and can be used for all types of leathers especially for perspiration and water resistant leathers. Used for high performance leathers to improve uniformity.

Chemol 456RS CompliantRS Compliantis a unique blend, of solvent oil, plus natural, sulfated oils, and lubricating syntans. This versatile, main fatliquor is suitable for making a wide range of leathers including tight, soft, nappa style leathers.

Hiking Boots

Chemtan R-146 is a Water resistant retanning polymer and wax used for the production of high performance water resistant leathers. Used for waterproof pull-ups, wetstuffs, and wax tops. Excellent dynamic, and static water resistance. Good light and washfastness properties. Produces a full, tight, smooth grain leather with a waxy feel and a pull up effect.

Chemol 374 RS Compliant is a synthetic oil and wax based compound used for oiling off all types of leathers including waterproof. Rich surface feel with some pull up affect can be obtained. Typical application on a heated roll coater, or can be cut with solvent and applied by spraying.

Shoes & Handbag

Chemtan R-350 Is an economical water resistant product, designed to be chrome stable. Chemtan R-350 can be used as a standalone prefat, or in combination with the main fat to reduce overall cost. The product has very good dynamic and static water resistance, wicking, low extractable, and good light and wash fastness.

Chemtan R-97 New is used in the production of soft water resistant leathers. Suitable for both light and heavyweight leathers and can also be used in the production of washable and other non water resistant leathers. Excellent dynamic and static water resistance, low extractables, and good lightfastness. Produces soft, millable, full leathers.

Chemol 586 is used as an oiling compound for all types of leathers to include waterproof leathers.Dry surface feel and vibrant pull-up effect. Maintains water resistance. CHEMOL® 586 is applied to buffed or full grain leather after staking and is used as is without dilution.


Chemtan R-129F RS Compliant is a polymer dispersion for in-drum application for filling, and tightenng split suede, ovine, and bovine. For grain tightening. For improved buffing.

Chemtan R-1 RS Compliantis a new resin based polymer which improves grain break, and is a dispersant for retanning materials and fat liquors to improve surface color uniformity for nubucks and full grain leathers especially waterproof.

Chemtan S-52 RS Compliant This is a water resistant retanning fatliquor containing silicone polymers. It is used to produce high performance water resistant leathers, and suitable for light and heavy weight leathers. Has excellent dynamic and static water resistance, low extractables. lightfast and heatfast. Produces tight, smooth grained, full leathers.

Chemol 385 RS Compliant is used as an oiling off compound for leather application which produces darker surface color. Rich feel with black surface color. Maintains water resistance without compromising maser flexes. Excellent for darkening nu-bucks. Will also produce pull up effect on full grains and will not crock once dried.