Product Detail


CHEMTAN® AC-840 A fine particle size, acrylic reactive polymer used in finishing of both corrected and full grain leathers. This forms a medium soft, very tough yet flexible film and gives very good coverage especially on corrected grain improving plate release. Excellent abrasion resistance and fastness properties. liquid 35% 8.0
CHEMTAN® AC-2093 A fine particle size acrylic polymer dispersion designed for impregnation of corrected grain and full grain leathers. Excellent penetration and can be used on shoe upper and Nappa type leathers. Forms a very soft, tacky film with great elasticity. liquid 36~40% 5.5~7.5
CHEMTAN® AC-2540 Aqueous polyacrilates based compact binder designed for splits and corrected grain leathers but can also be used to improve adhesion on full grain leathers. Forms a soft, slightly sticky, medium matt film. liquid 23% 8.0~9.0