Product Detail

Dye & Dye Assist

CHEMOL® 404 A weakly cationic agent in water used to increase dye penetration and levelness of dyes. Promotes dye penetration and levelness when added just before the dye feed in the same bath. Reduces dye stratification when diluted with water and mixed with dyes in solution prior to the drum addition. Some dyes in combination ordinarily have varying properties and thus different penetration rates which can be greatly minimized when used in conjunction with CHEMOL® 404. High amounts of CHEMOL® 404 can be used to remove dye from the leather. liquid 44% 9.0 cationic
CHEMTAN® NA-1S Sodium lignosulfonate is used for retanning leathers and as a dye auxiliary to aid in the penetration and uniform distribution of dyes. Suitable for use in waterproof leathers. Promotes improved filling of the flanks and belly areas. powder 93% 5.0 anionic
CHEMTAN® R-22 Used as a cationic resin for fixing dye and other anionic materials. Increases color value and intensity of dyes. A cationic dye fixing agent developed to prevent color migration and bleeding. liquid 33% 3.9
CHEMTAN® T-13M A neutral naphthalene syntan used as a dye auxiliary to aid dye penetration and color uniformity and used typically in 1-2% levels. This product can also be used as a dispersant for chrome tanning or pretanning, and bleaching of vegetable tanned leathers. Especially suitable for waterproof leathers due to it’s extremely low salt content. powder 95% 8.0