Product Detail

Degreaser / Emulsifier

CHEMOL® 215NB A biodegradable emulsifier and solvent degreaser for grease removal during the soak and bate. Used in the preparation of wet blue before retan, color, and fatliquor, resulting in less greasiness especially with pigskins, cleaner colors, softening, and improved fine hair removal. liquid 100% 5.3 non-ionic
CHEMOL® 293B A biodegradable surfactant used in activated sludge treatments. Used for excess grease removal and scud, resulting in less greasiness, cleaner colors, softening, and fine hair removal. liquid 100% 7.0 non-ionic
CHEMOL® 411 This is a dispersing and degreasing agent. Used as a dispersing agent for retanning agents, and waterproofing chemicals. Also can be used as degreasing agent for bluestock, and wetting agent for pearled, and crusted leathers. CHEMOL® 411 can be rendered non hydrophilic with the addition of metal salts commonly used for waterproof leathers. liquid 25% 7.0 anionic
CHEMOL® 446 An efficient degreaser, emulsifier with no NP/OP/NPEO, especially suitable for soaking liming deliming, wetting back of wet blue and retanning process. It is solvent free and biodegradable. liquid 70% 6.0~8.0 non-ionic