Product Detail


CHEMTAN® Filler FB A new economical alternative to CHEMTAN® Filler GL for the Americas’. This product can be used to achieve tighter grain break, more uniform surface, selective filling in the flanks and belly area. Buffing characteristics are improved, and is suitable for lightfast leathers. powder 100%
CHEMTAN® Filler GL This product is an organic filler used to produce a uniform grain surface with a tight grain break, and also improve buffing characteristics. This product selectively fills the flanks and belly areas, and is suitable for lightfast leathers. Application 2-4% before fat liquors or in the main retanning together with extracts. For heavy vegetable leathers 5-10% maybe used. This product is suitable for waterproof leathers. * Also manufactured in China for the Asian market. powder 100%
CHEMTAN® Filler R Organic/inorganic dry filler used in all types of leathers. For the production of leathers requiring a tight grain break, uniform surface, and good buffing characteristics. Selectively fills in the flanks and belly. Minimal color bleaching, improved dye penetration, and swelling action in the presence of chrome. powder 100%
CHEMTAN® R-163 A combination resin and protein based filler. Used for tightening and filling the more open structure found in the belly and flank areas. Improves buffing properties and achieves a smoother surface for easier finishing. paste 50% 5.9 nonionic