Product Detail

Resin / Acrylic

CHEMTAN® R-74 An acrylic resin used for tightening the grain and filling particularly in the flanks. A level of 3-5% can be used in conjunction with CHEMTAN® E-33 to achieve more softness, or can be used alone for firmer leathers. Concentration 30% actives, with a pH of 6.2. The form is a slightly viscous translucent liquid. * Also manufactured in China for the Asian market. liquid 30% 6.2 anionic
CHEMTAN® R-74LC Slightly lower viscosity version of acrylic resin like CHEMTAN® R-74, but easier for bulk distribution. Used for softening and filling particularly in the more open areas of the flank and belly. liquid 30% 5.5 anionic
CHEMTAN® R-136 Polycarboxylate Polymer. Used in retan drum, designed for increasing fullness and tightening grain. Vegetable and chrome dispersant. Improves fullness of leather, Tightens grain. Speeds up vegetable tanning. liquid 40% 8.0 anionic